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When dealing with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), patients often suffer from debilitating pain that can inhibit them from enjoying everyday activities. In an effort to find cures and help patients suffering from TN, The Facial Pain Association (FPA) provides numerous pages of information, support, and discussions on our website. We urge patients and doctors to explore the website to learn more about TN.

Patients not only need a cure, they need support. To help patients cope with Trigeminal Neuralgia and other facial pain, encourage them to consider some coping options below:

Join an Online Support Group

Facial Pain Network offers an online community for those who are involved with Trigeminal Neuralgia in some way. On this website, patients can access chat rooms, discussion boards, events, videos, photos, TN information, and much more. This community is not limited to patients suffering from TN. Supporters of those with TN and others who are eager to encourage patients are welcome to join.

Make a List Of all the Positives In Your Life

Avoid thinking about the pain and concentrate on things that make you feel better. Add photos of family and friends, write quotes from loved ones, or list your favorite songs to listen to when you are feeling down. Positivity can help cope with pain.

Keep a Diary of Your Experiences

Not only can this help your doctor, this can help you, as well. Keeping track of your experiences and pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia will enable you to understand the pain. You can determine what triggers the pain, what helped relieve the pain, and the intensity level of the pain.

Practice Healthy Habits

This should be incorporated in your routine regardless of if you experience TN. Be sure to get adequate amount of rest, eat healthy, and exercise as often as possible. Your doctor can help you determine which exercises are safe. Keep a food diary to figure out which foods trigger pain. (Protein shakes are a great option because it does not require a lot of chewing.)

Research TN and the Treatment Options

Understanding the disease and options for treatment can help patients during the coping process. The FPA website provides a lot of information to educate all interested in understanding TN.

For more information regarding Trigeminal Neuralgia and online support, please click here!