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We are thrilled to announce that the new FPA book, Facial Pain: a 21st Century Guide, is available now. Anne Ciemnecki, FPA Secretary and third-generation woman with trigeminal neuralgia, and Dr. Jeffrey Brown, New York neurosurgeon and FPA Medical Advisory Board Chair are the editors of this first edition. The guide has been in the planning stage since 2016. It was not until everyone self-isolated due to the Covid-19 virus that the authors and editors could turn their full attention to it.

Our new book to be released Oct. 2020!

This new book is a compilation of FPA Quarterly Journal and other articles. The guide begins at the beginning, with diagnosis: how to prepare when seeking a diagnosis, choosing the right doctor for you, and understanding how a diagnosis is reached. The following sections cover how the pain can be treated medically and how you can be treated surgically, including microvascular decompression (MVD) surgery, balloon compression and radio frequency rhizotomies, CyberKnife treatment and motor cortex stimulation. There are also several articles on treating patients with special circumstances.

Recognizing the importance of the role of complementary and alternative treatments, the guide covers upper-cervical chiropractic care, medical marijuana, and Botox.

But we didn’t stop there- because for many, your journey with facial pain does not stop there. The guide offers a section on the psychology of facial pain and living well with facial pain. Although once thought that trigeminal neuropathic pain did not affect younger people, our robust Young Patients Committee is proof that it does, and the guide includes a section of articles specifically for people under age 40. For parents of the younger set, there are also several articles especially for you.

The guide concludes with a section looking into the future and the promises that medical research may hold.

Thirty world experts in the diagnosis, treatment and management of trigeminal neuropathic pain have contributed their expertise to cover the full breadth of knowledge in the field to this comprehensive book.

Facial Pain: A 21st Century Guide is available for purchase, in print and electronically here.