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For information on our professional membership opportunities, please contact us at (800) 923-3608 or info@facepain.org.

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For only $50 you can become a member and help enable the FPA to provide information and support to those who suffer with TN and neuropathic face pain. Lay the groundwork towards your commitment to raise awareness. We educate, advocate and raise awareness for patients with TN and neuropathic face pain.

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Benefits of Membership

Applicable to all levels.

  • Recognition in the Annual Report
  • FPA Quarterly Magazine Subscription
  • Newswire Email Monthly Subscription
  • Access to Live Webinars

Recognition Levels



  • 5% Discount on all FPA books


  • 10% Discount on all FPA books


  • 15% Discount on all FPA books


  • 25% Discount on all FPA books
  • 25% Discount on FPA Conference Registration Fee


  • Prominent recognition at the headquarters office
  • 50% discount on all FPA books and conference
    registration fees

Chairman’s Club

  • Prominent recognition at headquarters office,
    conferences and events, special announcements
    of recognition, website and social media platforms
  • 100% discount on all FPA books and
    conference registration fees


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Based on feedback we’ve received from donors and members, we are delighted to announce that the Facial Pain Association has established new individual and professional membership opportunities.

For individuals, all donors of $50 or more will become a member of the FPA for that calendar year, recognized at the giving level corresponding to that gift, and receive all associated benefits (cumulative calendar-year giving). All current memberships will be honored in full and incorporated into our new program.