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The cold weather is tough to bear, even if you do not suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia. In order to beat the cold (and the stress that comes with winter holidays), you must be prepared. During this frigid winter, it is possible that the severe pain will return, so you want to be as prepared as possible.

A great way to prepare for the cold weather is to have cold weather gear such as hats, scarves, and face masks. A simple gust of wind has the potential to completely inhibit a person with TN from walking. If it is possible to beat the cold, a good starting point is with warm clothing.

Another way to prepare for the cold weather is to talk with your friends and family about the pain you may be experiencing. After speaking with family and friends, they will get a better understanding of how you are feeling during this time of year. Inform them of ways that would help you cope and what they can do to help.

Talk with your doctor about options for pain relief in cold weather. Your physician may be able to provide you with a permit for accessible parking that can allow you to shorten your walk from a parking lot to a building. Staying out of the cold, when at all possible, is ideal.

Finally, visit the FPA (Facial Pain Network) community forum to learn new suggestions, tips, and coping methods for defeating the winter. On this website, patients can access chat rooms, discussion boards, events, videos, photos, TN information, and much more. This community is not limited to patients suffering from TN. Supporters of those with TN and others who are eager to encourage patients are welcome to join.

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