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TMJ, Myofascial Pain and Migraines: What’s New

Guest Speakers: Dr. Derek Steinbacher of Yale School of Medicine and

Dr. Nader Pouratian of UCLA Medical Center

Webinar discussions include: what is TMJ/TMD, diagnosing and differentiating between

TMJ and neuropathic facial pain, various treatments for TMJ, managing TMJ pain. What defines

a headache, kinds of migraine headaches, when is time for medical intervention, treatments and

suggested medications.

Controversies in the Care of Facial Pain

Guest Speaker: Dr. Raymond Sekula of University of Pittsburgh

Webinar discussion includes: best approach to online medical care, importance of high

resolution imaging and following the protocol, understanding the critical elements of neuropathic

facial pain, if it is not classical TN then what is it?

Medical Causes of Neuropathic Facial Pain

Guest Speaker: Dr. Hossein Ansari of UC San Diego Health

Webinar discussion includes: perspective of a neurologist on treatments, anecdotal evaluation and diagnostics,

the difference between migraine and TN symptoms, effects of autoimmune diseases on TN.

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Facial Pain with Dr. Jeffrey Brown

Webinar discussion includes: find a MD with extensive experience who can treat with several different

procedures, change vocabulary from trigeminal neuralgia to trigeminal neuropathic pain (TNP), causes

of TNP, recommended medications, emergency medical treatment, recommended diagnostics, surgical options,

pros and cons of  treatments.

Treatments for TN

Guest Speaker: Dr. Steven Chang of Stanford University Medical Center

Webinar discussion includes: explanation of Cyberknife and other Radiosurgery, best

treatment options based on patients health and history, review specific cases based on

scans and medical evidence.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Facial Pain

Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Lim of Johns Hopkins University Medical Center

Webinar discussion includes: resources for patient diagnosis, various treatment options –

MVD, radiosurgery, rhyzotomy, balloon compression, neuromodulation and nerve block,

review MRI findings of specific patients.

Medical Marijuana and Neuropathic Face Pain

Guest Speaker: Dr. Christopher Winfree of Columbia University Medical Center

Webinar discussion includes: a brief history of marijuana in our culture and negative connotations,

example of case history with recommended use, understanding the ingredients in Cannabis, risks,

benefits and side effects, state of clinical trials and future commercial availability.

Acupuncture for the Treatment of Facial Pain

Guest Speaker: Dr. Gary Stanton of Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA

Webinar discussion includes: how acupuncture works, treatment options that include acupuncture,

anecdotal examples of effectiveness, various acupuncture techniques, finding a qualified Acupuncturist.

Non-Surgical Options for Treatment of Neuropathic Facial Pain

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, Neurologist

Webinar discussion includes: definition and types of neuropathic pain, discuss the risk/benefit of

available pain and anti-seizure medications, new medications currently in clinical trials.

Dental Issues and Neuropathic Facial Pain

Guest Speaker: David Sirois, DMD, PhD of NYU School of Dentistry

Webinar discussion includes: how a dentist can tell the difference from dental pain versus

neuropathic facial pain, types of dental specialties and relevance to neuropathic facial pain,

role of maxillofacial surgeon in the treatment of facial pain.

Brain Neuroplasticity and Chronic Pain ManagementGoToStage-Healthcare-Webinar-2017

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Wagner, LPN is Executive Director of the Western Pain Society

Award Winning Webinar, discussion includes: defining neuroplasticity, brain-body connection with emphasis on

pain response, how patients are using neuroplasticity to manage pain, applying practical strategies.