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November 7

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When it comes to your health and well-being, you should never settle. It is important to understand that you can (and should) choose a physician that is willing to work with you. Your doctor wants to help you and ensure that you are comfortable during your appointment. If at anytime you feel as though you are not being helped, treated correctly, or your questions are unanswered, seek a second or third opinion.

During your first appointment, come prepared with questions. You should learn as much about your doctor as possible. However, your doctor is not all you should be evaluating. When visiting the doctor’s office for the first time, your comfort level is worth noting. Be open-minded, but remember that the ultimate goal is for you to be satisfied with your physician.

At FPA, we offer members and guests information regarding local providers who support facial pain treatment. To help those in need, we have compiled a list of providers by specialty to be sure you find the doctor that is right for you.

We also provide patients, caregivers, and doctors with online support groups. This is an opportunity for those suffering from Neuropathic Facial Pain to learn, cope, and understand the disorder. By visiting our community page, you can hear from other patients about their experiences with doctors from all over. Our hope is that you find the physician that is the best fit for you! Please visit our “Find a Doctor” page to search for a doctor near you!