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Emergency Room Visits

1) Have your list of medications written down so you do not have to speak. 2) Get a letter from your pain management doctor or neurologist documenting that you are formally diagnosed with TN. 3) If you are unhappy the way you were treated (or were not treated): contact the hospital’s patient representative and let […]

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Navigating Health Insurance Policy

Pre-authorization for Medications Insurance companies will at times have pre-authorization requirements for brand name medications or high cost medications. In order to be approved, your physician may need to complete lengthy paperwork documenting your need for that medication. Reasons could include: failure of previous medications in that class or FDA non-approval for off-label use. The […]

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Pregnancy and Parenthood

Pregnancy and trigeminal neuralgia can be an especially challenging combination. Below are some tips from one TN patient on how she survived her pregnancy and the first few years of childhood while managing her pain. Pregnancy The physical and emotional energy required to battle TN can make it a daunting and scary time for someone […]

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Still In School? Higher Ed Tips

College is stressful for most people. Factor in a chronic illness, and you have extra hurdles to face, particularly since stress can often trigger pain. Here are some tips from veterans that will hopefully help you get on the right path to graduation. Planning for College Start looking at colleges early. This way you won’t […]

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What Social Life?

A TN diagnosis can be a big burden on your social life if you let it. The unpredictability of flares can result in having to cancel plans with friends more often than not. And the depression and exhaustion that accompany many medications TN patients take can cause sufferers to feel isolated. Below are some tips […]

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Helping Your Relationship Survive Despite Facial Pain

Relationships with loved ones are complicated and require time, energy, patience, and understanding. All of those become more difficult when facial pain is an added variable. Facial pain can put the best of relationships to a test, and being a young patient can make finding (and keeping) the right partner even more challenging. Facial pain […]

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TNA Video Project

The TNA Video Project is a collaboration between TN patients and The Facial Pain Association to raise awareness of facial pain syndromes and to celebrate the Association’s 25 years of patient support and advocacy. Join the Project and let the world hear from you, how this horrific pain can be triggered by something or some […]

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Trigeminal Neuralgia Podcast

A BMJ Clinical Evidence systematic overview looks at the evidence for medical and surgical treatments of trigeminal neuralgia, and the uncertainties that exist due to gaps in the evidence. This has been summarised in The BMJ. The authors of the overview and bmj.comsummary, Professor Joanna Zakrzewska from the Facial Pain Unit at the Eastman Dental […]

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Atypical Face Pain vs. Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia

Perplexed by…mixed-symptom cases, doctors began referring to them as ‘atypical trigeminal neuralgia.’ That term dates back to 1927 when that efinition was given to pains similar to TN that didn’t quite match the definition of classic TN…If these symptoms stray far enough from TN – especially when the pain goes beyond the areas served by the trigeminal nerve – the diagnosis may change to the even murkier tag of ‘atypical face pain.

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