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Doctors’ #1 Source for Healthcare Information: Wikipedia

Fifty percent of physicians look up conditions on the site, and some are editing articles themselves to improve the quality of available information.

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Chronic Pain: Millions Suffer, Missing Non-Drug Options

Many people with chronic pain are terrified that if they move, they will damage themselves further. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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Dr. Linksey’s 4 Key Points When It Comes to Pediatric TN

Recently Dr. Linskey has treated several pediatric trigeminal neuralgia patients. From his perspective as a member of the TNA Medical Advisory Board, he would like to emphasize 4 key points when it comes to pediatric TN: The problem of Traditional US Medical Healthcare training, structure and Culture In the U.S. Adult Neurologists go through four […]

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How to Talk About Pain

LONDON — IN 1926, Virginia Woolf published an essay on pain, “On Being Ill.” Isn’t it extraordinary, she observed, that pain does not rank with “love, battle and jealousy” among the most important themes in literature. She lamented the “poverty of the language of pain.” Every schoolgirl who falls in love “has Shakespeare, Donne, Keats […]

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Trigeminal Neuralgia and Future Dental Procedures

People suffering from facial pain are often concerned that dental procedures will aggravate their pain. TN patients who are pain-free are at lower risk, yet they still fear work within their mouth. Dental work is hardest on those with constant neuropathic facial pain. Tips for Keeping Dental work as painless as possible: Go to the […]

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Lessons from the Field: How to be an Empowered Facial Pain Patient, or Parent

Living with trigeminal neuralgia or any kind of facial pain invariably requires some life changes. Potential work disruption, financial or insurance hurdles, and challenges to relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial alike), are commonly “faced” by every facial pain patient at some point. However, there are a few steps that patients can take to empower themselves […]

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Trigeminal Neuralgia Support

When dealing with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), patients often suffer from debilitating pain that can inhibit them from enjoying everyday activities. In an effort to find cures and help patients suffering from TN, The Facial Pain Association (FPA) provides numerous pages of information, support, and discussions on our website. We urge patients and doctors to explore […]

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Dating Someone with TN

A Boyfriend’s Story Spending the past 18 months in a caregiver capacity for a girlfriend has definitely provided me with an understanding of the commitment involved in this critical role. Though the reality of witnessing the person you love suffer in constant pain on a day in and day out basis is draining, the experience […]

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Tips for Parents of Children with TN

Stacie’s Story It’s hard being a kid with trigeminal neuralgia. But it’s also hard being the parent of a child with TN. Almost immediately your relationship changes to include the roles of caregiver and advocate. I think any parent who has a child with a chronic illness would never begrudge those roles, it’s just not […]

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