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David Meyers, Chairman – David is the retired CEO of Microban International. After managing his trigeminal neuralgia (TN) pain with medications for 5 years, he had a successful microvascular decompression procedure (MVD) in 2013. He brings 30+ years of business leadership experience and 20+ years of nonprofit board experience to his role. He and his wife, Jody, have four adult children and they live primarily in Charlotte, NC. David is also a Park Ranger Naturalist Guide (volunteer) at Red Rock State Park in Sedona, AZ.

John Temple, Vice Chairman – John is the recently retired President of Cambridge International Partners, a boutique investment bank that provides mergers and acquisition advisory services to the investment management industry. John was born and educated in the UK, graduating from Cambridge University as a natural scientist before emigrating to New York in 1978 to work in the oil and gas industry. In the last ten years, he has suffered numerous episodes of TN which he manages with anticonvulsant medication. John and his wife, Lilia, have four children, four grandchildren, a Norfolk terrier and live in Stamford, Connecticut.

Anne B. Ciemnecki, Secretary – Anne is a retired senior fellow from Mathematica where she specialized in health and economic policy. Her mother and grandmother had trigeminal neuralgia. Anne has seen treatment evolve from the ineffective alcohol injections her grandmother used to the high-tech MRIs, MVDs, and Gamma knife that alleviated her pain. She serves on the NJ Commission on National and Community Service and the Womanspace Advisory Counsel. She is a domestic violence victim advocate and therapy dog handler. Anne lives in East Windsor, NJ with her husband John. They have two sons and three delightful grandchildren.

Melissa Anchan – Melissa is head of Media Relations for Bank of America Global Research. She was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia at age 35 and, after trying to manage her pain with medication for fourteen months, had what she considers to be a successful MVD in May of 2014. She served on our Young Patients Committee for several years before joining the Board of Directors in 2018. She holds master’s degrees in performing arts administration and human resources / organizational change management. Melissa lives in Southern California with her furry four-legged children.

Ramesh P. Babu, MD – Dr. Babu is a neurosurgeon affiliated with Lenox Hill and a number of other leading hospitals in New York, NY.  He was initially educated and trained in India and then starting in 1985 he received further training at the NYU Medical Center and then later with Dr. Peter Janetta, the pioneer of microvascular decompression surgery.  He also completed a fellowship in Hannover, Germany under Professor Samii, the father of skull base surgery.  His interest is atypical facial pain. Dr. Babu and his wife have twin daughters and a son, and they reside in Westchester, NY.

Jeffrey Bodington – Jeff is the Founder and President of Bodington & Company, investment bankers to the electric power industry, he is also a Director of several electric industry corporations. The searing pain of trigeminal neuralgia led Jeff to contact the FPA for help, he managed his pain with medications for six years and later had a successful MVD. Jeff joined the Board of the FPA and served as Chairman for seven years. Jeff and his wife, Cecile, live in San Francisco and have two adult sons.

Jeffrey Fogel, MD – Dr. Fogel is a retired Pediatrician. After being in practice for more than 25 years, his TN-related pain and medication-related side effects forced him to retire. However, he moved into the mode of helping others with his condition by becoming FPA’s Support Group Leader and Outreach Coordinator for the Philadelphia area. He helped craft Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana legislation and has made multiple presentations on the topic. For more than 30 years he has been an active firefighter in his community’s volunteer fire department, and is the former president. Dr. Fogel and his wife have two adult sons and one granddaughter.

Megan Hamilton – Megan is a retired corporate human resource professional and is now an online Trigeminal Neuralgia group leader, and homeschooling mom. Megan’s older daughter, KatieRose, developed Trigeminal and Geniculate neuralgia in 2012, at 11 years old. KatieRose’s near daily TN & GN attacks were barely managed with anticonvulsants, leading to MVDs in 2012 and 2014. Since 2014, KatieRose has been pain free, and Megan has been the lead administrator of an online group for parents of over 100 kids with Trigeminal Neuralgia and similar facial pain conditions. Megan, her husband, Scott, and two daughters, KatieRose and Lydia, reside in Northern Virginia.

 Ally Kubik – Ally is a Special Education Teacher and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. Ally has had bilateral facial pain since she was 13 years old. Since her diagnosis, she has been involved with the FPA. Ally was one of the founding members of the Young Patients Committee and served as chairperson of the YPC for several years. She has had multiple surgeries that now allow her to manage her pain with anticonvulsant medications. Ally resides in Washington, New Jersey with her husband, Dan and their dog, Tucker.

Eric Wertheim – Eric is an attorney and litigator. Since 1988, he has represented numerous clients in the state and federal courts of New York and New Jersey in a broad spectrum of matters.  He and his wife, Ellen, have two adult children and a large mutt. Eric is also a certified EMT and has been a member of his New Jersey community’s volunteer first aid squad since 2006. Eric suffered his first episode of TN in the mid-1990s and has received surgical and medical treatment for the condition. For over 15 years, his TN has largely been controlled by medication.