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With members that have expertise in business, medicine, law, dentistry, and much more, we’re able to continue to grow the reach and power of the Facial Pain Association, which in turn, brings more help and recognition to those who are currently patients.

Board Members

Jeffrey Bodington, Chairman. Founder and president of the investment banking firm Bodington & Co., Jeffrey has a passion for helping others, and his philanthropy has spilled over into Facial Pain issues. As a prior TN patient who has been pain-free for 16 years, he’s dedicated to helping all of those who are going through what he experienced.

Anne B. Ciemnecki, Secretary. As a third-generation TN patient, Anne thoroughly understands the physical and emotional pain that can affect a patient and their loved ones. With her history as a therapist and adviser, she’s uniquely qualified to help out those who are currently suffering with trigenimal neuralgia.

Claude M. Aldridge 

Melissa Anchan

Ramesh P. Babu, MD. NYU Neurosurgeon with over 30 years of experience in trigeminal neuralgia and nerve pain, Dr. Babu has devoted his career to finding a cure. With his immense knowledge in the nerve pain field, he brings an invaluable perspective to the team.

Jeffrey Fogel, MD

Henry A. Gremillion, DDS. Being an orofacial pain expert with over 30 years of experience in general dentistry, Henry focuses his skills on finding ways to differentiate TN pain from regular dental pain to prevent future cases of TN patients getting unnecessary dental work.

Megan Hamilton

Ally Kubik

David Meyers

Ray Rivera

John Temple

Eric Wertheim

Honorary Board Members

Claire Patterson, FPA Founder and President Emeritus
Michael G. Pasternak, PhD
Roger Levy, Esq.