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2017 Yearend Appeal Letter

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Dr. Ken Casey
Dr. Ken Casey speaking with a
TN patient at an FPA conference.

In 2018 the Facial Pain Association will be entering its 28th year of providing support and education to people suffering with trigeminal neuropathic pain and helping to raise awareness of this disease.

As the Association launches its annual year-end campaign for support, we’re only as valuable as the help we can provide.

“Just wanted to thank FPA for the webinar on neuroplasticity. I’ve been trying to incorporate this as part of my daily routine. I really enjoyed the insight on how neuroplasticity can help me manage pain. Much appreciation.”

AG, TN patient

“I appreciate the encouragement this organization has given me when I needed it most.”

LW, TN patient  

“You have no idea how much today’s News Wire meant to me, I received this story when I needed it most.  In a time of severe isolation, I can read this to my husband and hopefully open his eyes. Thank, thank and thank you!”

ML, TN patient

“I want to thank you so much for being there for me on Wednesday. I needed someone to talk to and get some advice. Thank you being my angel that day. I will never forget that.”

–  LF, TN patient

“I am just so thankful that people like you are helping the healthcare industry to realize TN is a real and major problem for people with pain. Thank you for all you do it is really appreciated.”

SD, TN patient

This past year we have greatly enhanced our internet presence. The FPA website facepain.org contains a wealth of information on trigeminal nerve pain, patient documentaries, webinars with medical experts and so much more. We also have two Facebook platforms for patient support and interaction. Our goal in 2018 is to build a vast online community to complement our local support group network.

The Facial Pain Association is a patient supported organization that helps thousands of people each year who are suffering with trigeminal neuralgia and other forms of trigeminal nerve pain.

We do not receive any funding from the government or the healthcare industry. In order to keep doing what we’ve been doing for the past 27 years we need your help.

This is our year-end appeal. Every gift no matter the size, is important to us. Please make your tax-deductible donation to the FPA today, by clicking here.

John Koff Signature

John Koff
Chief Executive Officer

PS. This holiday season your gift to the FPA can also be a gift to someone special. Make your gift in recognition or in memory of that special someone.